The Top 9 Unconsidered Reasons to Gamble

There are several tremendous benefits gambling provides. Here are nine reasons gambling is good for players.

I meet a lot of people that seem to have a tainted view of gambling. They either fail to appreciate that it is an entertainment industry or flat-out sit in opposition to anything fun as being morally reprehensible.

And it’s a shame because they are missing out on one of the most fantastic hobbies in existence. More often than not, in the past, gamblers were portrayed as low lives typically involved with criminal elements.

Sure, this makes for compelling television, but most casino gamblers are ordinary working-class people like me and you. There are degenerate gamblers that may be involved in suspect dealings, but that comes along with nearly any large group of people.

There are several tremendous benefits gambling provides. Here are nine reasons gambling is good for players.

1 – Gambling Uses Lots of Math

For the casual casino gambler making their annual trip to the casino or betting on the Super Bowl, math likely never enters the equation. These players have little interest in the house edge, and bankroll management means nothing to them.

When they run out of money, they merely stop gambling. They’ll have the entire year to rebuild their nest egg ahead of the next trip to the casino.

On the other hand, avid gamblers are constantly using math to improve their casino success and ensure they don’t go bankrupt.

Most people automatically think of card counters when they imagine math being implemented in the casino. There’s no disputing that card counters must be able to accurately perform essential addition and subtraction to keep a good count.

Still, that’s not close to the most essential role math plays in the casino. Bankroll management is one of the most critical areas of casino gambling.

Being able to determine how much you can bet and how long you’ll be able to gamble are critical areas of any casino gambler’s toolbox.

The math skills used while gambling will pour over into other areas of your life. That will present all sorts of benefits, from making a budget to helping your kids with their homework.

2 – You Could Win a Life-Changing Prize

Okay, so it’s a long shot at best. Still, some players win vast fortunes from gambling. Just look at our blog of 7 times ordinary gamblers won big!

You have the obvious cases like the lottery winners who turn a $2 investment into hundreds of millions as the most prominent examples. However, many card counters, slot machine jackpot winners, poker players, and sports bettors have changed their families’ lives.

Usually, this requires a healthy combination of hard work, skill, and luck. Yet the possibility remains for players to walk into the casino down on their luck and emerge instant millionaires.

I’m convinced that most people who play the lottery are more interested in the temporary distraction it provides than the money itself.

When you purchase a ticket for a shot at millions, you can’t help but daydream about how you’ll spend the money. I don’t see much harm in giving people a brief escape from their daily lives, so long as they don’t overdo it.

For the lucky few that win piles of cash, their lives are forever changed—presumably for the better, but who can say?

3 – You Can Relax With Friends and Make New Ones

Gambling gives players the setting to enjoy socializing with friends. Plus, it can provide the perfect opening to make new friends along the way.

Casinos are billed as giant adult playgrounds, and they definitely cater to the social butterfly. Even those less than excited to be surrounded by thousands of strangers tend to loosen up and enjoy the atmosphere.

Sitting around a baccarat or poker table and chatting with your neighbors can lead down some incredible paths. Whether you’ve been friends for five minutes or five years makes little difference.

These interactions have tremendous calming effects and allow us to relax and unwind. Life can be relentlessly stressful from time to time, and letting loose in the casino is a fabulous way to blow off some steam.

Of course, that’s assuming you keep things in line and don’t get too wild.

4 – You Can Learn Important Money Management Tools

I talked about the importance that math played to serious gamblers earlier and alluded to its significance regarding managing your gambling bankroll.

Money management is a valuable skill that can benefit basically every person on the planet. Sadly, many people enter adulthood without a solid foundation of what money management is and the indispensable role it plays in daily life.

That’s not a dig. If it weren’t for my grandfather, I’d have no clue about the importance of saving money and spending within my means.

Even with his genuinely expert guidance, it took me longer than it should have to embrace sound financial principles. Gambling has a fun way to learn and practice solid fiscal responsibility that readily translates into your daily life.

When you’re regularly making a savings plan to build your bankroll and budgeting for upcoming casino vacations, you’ll begin to ingrain critical money management tools that will help you in other areas.

You’ll also arrive at the casino far less prone to blowing through your entire bankroll in the first few hours.

5 – You Can Use Gambling to Travel to New Places

One of my favorite benefits of gambling is the fantastic and sometimes exotic locales I get to visit. There are extravagant casinos throughout the world, on every continent, even Antarctica.

I haven’t had the pleasure of visiting Antarctica. Still, the fact that there’s a casino there makes it an incredible place to gamble.

Meeting people and exposing yourself to their culture is among the most rewarding experiences you will ever have. All the while, you’ll be enjoying one of your favorite pastimes.

During your casino travels, it’s likely that the memories you make with friends and family will stay with you for years to come. This will prove once again that money is always secondary to the experience.

6 – Gambling Can Have Positive Influences on Your Mental Health

Gamblers are happier people in general—at least while they’re gambling, that’s the case.

Studies have shown that when gambling, players reach levels of happiness that far surpass watching TV or even reading a book.

Engaging your inner social needs in fun and safe way is the perfect way to put a smile on your face. Unfortunately, not everyone can look pragmatically at the overall experience after losing.

I genuinely hate losing; it’s the bane of my existence. However, I’ve managed to take the approach of counting casino losses as entertainment dollars spent.

A similar approach may help you along the way.

7 – You Can Stay Sharp by Using Your Brain to Solve Problems

Casino games are primarily based on chance. Yet, there are several games and a variety of ways in which using skill and strategy will assist you.

Learning new skills and memorizing strategies will help keep the cobwebs at bay. Even the act of doing simple math while gambling can keep the old noggin cranking.

I speak to many elderly gamblers through charity work I do, and the people that enjoy their golden years at the table games have little trouble working through complex word puzzles. The slot machine enthusiasts exhibit heightened creativity.

Gambling is a beautiful activity for staying sharp mentally as we get older.

8 – You Can Find Health Benefits from Gambling

Well, I can’t positively confirm that you’ll remain utterly healthy by gambling. There have been studies that suggest gamblers have fewer poor health habits than non-gamblers.

The studies also note that the mental health of gamblers is improved with fewer instances of substance abuse, depression, and anxiety.

Keep in mind that these are under healthy gambling conditions. Problem gambling will hardly steer you away from problems like addiction or stress.

Still, for most recreational gamblers, it’s likely that you’re healthier than your non-gambling contemporaries. Just remember to watch out for unhealthy habits while you gamble.

9 – You’ll Have a Hobby You Can Enjoy for a Lifetime

Possibly the most impactful reason that gambling is suitable for players boils down to the fact that you’ll have a hobby you can enjoy for a lifetime.

I’ve recently had to give up one of my lifelong passions due to the effects that age has on a body. My knees aren’t what they used to be, but fortunately, cycling has begun to fill this void.

Other hobbies and interests may become unviable as time passes, but gambling will always be there waiting.

During the summer months, golf courses become almost unbearable in most parts of the world. However, casinos are constantly pumping out that arctic blast to keep guests cool and comfortable.

I was in one of the large casino poker rooms and bumped into a group of buddies that had been making a trip once a year for over 40 years. That’s a legitimate life goal.

In Summary

Gambling opens players up to a world of possibilities many may never imagine. These nine reasons why gambling is good for players range from the monetary implications to profound contributions to your mental health.

So, the next time somebody tries to tell you that gambling is a wasted activity or is somehow detrimental, spend a few moments enlightening them on the beneficial aspects of gambling.

Author: Jeremiah Booker

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