The Rise of Legal Casino & Online Gambling In Asia

Online gambling in Asia has turned into a billion dollars industry. It has paved ways for all those casinos who couldn’t afford a brick and mortar sto
The Internet has helped scores of people around the world connect on different platforms. From discussion/debate forums to online shopping, the internet has altered our way of communication and connecting with others.

One of such industries is the online gambling industry that went through a lot of changes as the internet covered every aspect of our life.

People never realized the value of online gambling until a few years back, though it’s hard to trace back to its exact date, but roughly, it is predicted to be 1994. Since then, online gambling witnessed steady growth in Asia.

Online gambling in Asia has turned into a billion dollars industry. It has paved ways for all those casinos who couldn’t afford a brick and mortar store for money or legal restrictions. 

Current Scenario of Legal Casino & Online Gambling In Asia

Currently, online casinos in Asia generate more than triple revenue than all the casino strips of Las Vegas combined. In 2006, Macau surpassed the annual revenue of Las Vegas.

This encouraged the legal authorities of Asia Pacific countries to ease their laws against online gambling.

In 2012, with just two casinos, Singapore crossed the annual revenue of Las Vegas. It is predicted that by 2026, the online gambling industry will hit the $100 billion benchmark.

Over the years, Japan, Taiwan, Philippines, Taiwan legalized online gambling to generate more annual revenue, Following which, the Indian government established three legal casino spots in India, that are Sikkim, Goa, and Daman.

Why Are Online Casinos in Asia a Successful Market?

Attribute it to the blooming population or cheap investment region, there is no specific reason behind the success of online casinos in Asia Pacific Region.

It is estimated that 44% of the global online casino revenue is generated from the APAC region. Cryptocurrency also played a big role behind this success as many online gambling sites started accepting cryptocurrency transactions. This helped in lifting the legal payment barriers that often caused trouble for east-asian countries.

In China, most types of online gambling is legal except for a few games such as casino games and sports betting. Though that doesn’t stop people from playing. Even though legal online casinos are not that popular in China, behind the curtain, the market is thriving.

Macau is Vegas on steroids. Despite being a part of China, Macau has different sets of laws and boundaries for online and offline casinos. Online gambling in Macau is legal so just a few hours drive from any region of China and you can play your favorite online games to win money.

Singapore has restrictions for online gambling but it is not illegal. It doesn’t allow online gambling on unauthorized sites, and if you are caught transacting on unauthorized sites, you will be legally prosecuted.

Every kind of gambling is done under strict supervision in Japan. Being the disciplined country they are, this isn’t surprising.

Indonesia being a Islamic governed country, offline gambling is not that popular except for free licensed lottery. But the popularity of online gambling in Indonesia is unparalleled today as millions of people find it quite intriguing and trustworthy..

Togel Online is one of the most popular online gambling games across most of the Asian countries. Having zero boundary to accept payments with a secured network makes it even more fun, safe and easy for people across the world to reap the benefits of online casino and gambling.

Wrapping Up

Even though the internet boosted the online gambling industry across the world, the role of cryptocurrency cannot go unacknowledged. It helped scores of people to earn money by skipping the legal boundaries.

However, as more countries started legalizing or easing on online casinos, the market is expected to grow twice the speed in the upcoming years.

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