4 Casino Games to Avoid

Casinos are full of decent bets with reasonable odds. Bets like even money roulette wagers, pass or don’t pass line in craps, and the banker bet in ba


Keno has a house edge of 20 to 30% in most casinos. This is usually the worst possible game you can play as far as the edge you give up to the casino. To give you an idea of just how bad each game on this list is, consider how much you’ll lose on average per every $100 you bet. To figure this, just multiply $100 by the percentage.

If the house edge for keno is 20%, multiply .20 times $100 and you get an expected loss of $20 for every $100 you bet. You convert the 20% to a decimal by moving the decimal two places to the left, so 20% becomes .20. If the percentage is less than 10% you end up with a zero following the decimal. 5% becomes .05 and 3.5% becomes .035. When you bet $10 per draw 10 times per hour you’re betting $100. Over time you’ll lose between $20 and $30 per hour playing keno this way.

Double Zero Roulette

Roulette is generally a pretty decent choice when hitting the casino floor. The game’s relatively low house edge on many bets combined with the slower pace the game moves makes it a favorite for many savvy casino gamblers.

I’ve had some absolutely miserable nights at the roulette table, but mostly before I took the time to understand the best and worst bets available. Look, it doesn’t matter whether you play on an American wheel or a European wheel if you’re going to make silly bets.

You’ll actually be better off playing slot machines in some casinos than playing roulette on a double zero wheel. By doubling the house edge, you are essentially doubling your losses per hour over the long term. If you’re putting $1000 into action on a single zero wheel, your expected losses will be $26 an hour.

On a double zero roulette wheel, your expected losses will be $52.60. Clearly, you can see how much more beneficial it is to stick to the single zero roulette game. Casino gambling is a numbers game, and the most important number for many of us is how long we’ll be able to play on the casino floor. Obviously, losing money at a rate of double will cut your casino time dramatically.
If you can’t find a single zero roulette wheel at the casino you’re in, it’s best to find a different game or move to another casino. It really makes that significant of a difference.


Shooting craps can be a fun time and is an iconic gambling house mainstay. But betting on craps is more complicated and more intense than it first appears. According to an Average Loss Calculator, over a ten-hour period betting $5 a round, you’ll lose about $30 playing craps. On a $1.50 a pull slot machine, you’ll lose upward of $630 over the same amount of time. Plus, craps is far more exciting than pulling a handle all by your lonesome. It’s one big party at the craps table—you can easily spot them by looking for the area where a crowd is hooting, hollering, and clapping. Beware, though, the energy and excitement can be contagious and you might end up betting more than you anticipated just to stay at the table. According to New 5 Cleveland, craps offers the second best odds on the floor, with a nearly 50/50 chance of taking home some dough.

Caribbean Stud

Caribbean stud is also one of the most popular table games. There are two ways to win a bet in this game, these are beating the dealer and making a side bet as well as receiving qualifying hands. There are progressive jackpots that are sometimes involved when it comes to this game. These jackpots can sometimes reach six figures. Caribbean Stud is however similar to land based slots. The game has a huge house edge. You will face a huge house edge even if you have a good strategy that you are using in the game. You have to have a good strategy for you to get the house edge to 5.22%, which is still high.

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