Ways Bingo Can Boost Your Brainpower

OK, so a game of bingo won’t pump you up like Arnold Schwarzenegger, but it can help you stay mentally stronger for longer.
Thanks to research from academic institutions such as Case Western Reserve University, Boston University and Bridgewater State University, we now know bingo is good for our brains. So, if you’re thinking about playing bingo online, let’s take a look at three ways you can expect it to boost your brainpower.

Bingo trains your brains

Research has repeatedly revealed that playing bingo positively impacts the way in which brain processes information. The thinking capacity of humans declines gradually as they age, however studies have found that playing bingo can possibly counter this effect. The stimulation of brain cells caused by the game enables you to easily process and recall the stored information.

Furthermore, if you play the harder versions of the game, for instance 75 ball bingo that features more difficult patterns, it can further improve your mental abilities. Therefore, you might want to switch to the difficult bingo versions that you had been avoiding for so long!

Old in Body, Young in Mind

Usually, people try to stay young for as long as possible, but of course, everyone knows that it is quite difficult to maintain a young body indefinitely. However, they can maintain the agility of their youth by keeping their minds active. Bingo can do this simply by keeping the brain active. Having excellent mental agility and liveliness is a need to have sharp thinking and excellent reflexes. As players spend the time playing bingo, many players have six or more cards to keep an eye on. If you have six or more cards, you need to be quick and stay focused when you take a full scan of the cards and mark them with the numbers given until a winning pattern is achieved. The winning pattern changes every time a game end. In identifying the cards, the player should be quick about it. They cannot ask the caller or announcer to repeat the numbers as in this game, they don’t wait. Other players wouldn’t be so happy anyway if the game is not going in its fast pace.

Exemplifies the concept of probability

Another great thing about bingo, and one huge reason why it continues to be used in schools around the world, is that it is a perfect way to exemplify the concept of probability, something that can otherwise be rather confusing. Our whole entire lives are predicated to some degree on the simple concept of probability, so it is important to keep this in our minds.

Playing bingo necessarily shows you the inner workings of probability and boosts your brainpower. In fact, it can teach you unconscious lessons that you will find yourself going back to afterwards.

Improve mental speed

The Bingo game is designed in a way that players are not only required to be focused but also quick. This is why some features such as auto daub are automatic.

Constantly playing bingo games helps keep the mind and brain agile and improve mental speed. In fact, the Alzheimer’s Disease Center confirms that people who constantly play Bingo games are less likely to suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. This is because the constant brain reflex and activities involved in playing Bingo help players maintain a very good mental speed and ability to recall stored information.

If you are thinking that playing Bingo game is only restricted to the fun and win attached to it. This added advantage has changed your opinion. You can easily improve your brainpower by becoming a player of Bingo.

Memory and Mnemonics

Though you may not know the technical name for them, you will no doubt have come across some mnemonics when you were at school.  They are very often taught to children as an easy way to help them to remember pieces of information that will never change.  Good examples of these can be seen in “Never Eat Shredded Wheat” to recall the compass points, and the rhyme starting with £30 days has September…” so that we know how many days are in each month.  This is a very simple concept but one that has worked incredibly well for centuries, with most people transferring these mnemonics through from childhood into their adult lives.  Many people also start making rhymes and mnemonics for themselves to help them to remember information which is important to them specifically.

The concept of mnemonics is helpful for Bingo boosting brainpower because of the word associations.  Even if someone is not able to recall a specific number, they are often able to state a fact about that number instead, and this has been medically proven in multiple studies. In these situations, games such as Bingo are ideal for boosting brainpower as they increase the recall and retention abilities of the elderly, as well as being potentially useful to anyone suffering from digital amnesia.  Let’s take the number 88 as an example of what we are talking about here.  A person with Alzheimer’s may not be able to identify this number or state the word “eighty-eight” but they may be able to recall an alternative piece of information about this number.  It could be the bus they caught to work, they could link it to the famous cooking show of the 90s staring Clarissa Dickinson Wright, called Two Fat Ladies, or they could even live at this number address.  In many ways, it does not matter what the link is, the more important thing is that the information can be accessed.

Better Coordination

Eye to hand coordination is what we are talking about here. While playing Bingo, it’s not always that you have a host that announce the numbers. Sometimes, the numbers are shown on screen, and you have to mark them on your card. This is what helps to improvise the coordination skills of your body parts.

Improved cognitive function

Although the rules of bingo are pretty simple, it still takes a fair amount of cognitive function for bingo players to actually be successful. You see, you have to be concentrated whilst playing bingo, and there is also a quite a lot of stuff that you will need to be aware of, because if you miss even one of the numbers that are called out you could lose a game that you really ought to have won. 

In the same way as popular games such as Nintendo’s Brain Training, playing bingo can be a great way of improving your overall cognitive function, and you might find yourself quicker at thinking on your feet, and less liable to make silly errors in everyday life.

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